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The Impact of Manufacturing Industry on Cambodia Real Estate Market Admin 06/May/2022 10:19

Key takeaways: Rising of the industrial sector primarily leads to more locations The garment manufacturing industry makes up to 20% of the whole foreign investment Industrial property is ex

Shophouse segment sees positive move in the market Admin 04/May/2022 03:50

Shophouse has seen a positive move amid more business resumptions and economic activities have gradually bounced back. This has driven shophouse to be back on its tracks whereas other residential type

Understanding customer’s needs get more deals closed Admin 02/May/2022 06:28

Whether in daily life or business, there are many problems that require high creativity in finding effective solutions to solve the problems and make the right decisions. Problem-solving and decisi

Condo market open door and opportunity for local buyers Admin 29/April/2022 10:48

The world’s contagious virus, Covid-19 has put a lot of businesses in a state of uncertainty everywhere around the globe, and it’s no different for Cambodia. Various businesses and markets went thr

Local businesspeople expanding network in the United States Bunthoeun 20/March/2022 09:54

A group of Cambodian delegates led by Z1 Financial - a digital asset management and investment service company – has organized its business trip to the United States, seeking investors to invest in re