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Construction material imports on the increase Admin 23/June/2022 06:10

Key Takeaway Postponed projects have resumed amid the slow rise in FDI Construction materials such as cement and steel have the highest imported number and volume Five cement plants are cur

Effective approaches to get more listings and closing deals Admin 13/June/2022 05:05

Professional real estate agents always have different methods and techniques to build confidence for property owners and investors in a competitive market. Among key approaches, setting the right prop

office space supply soars as more local business shifting sentiment Admin 07/June/2022 10:29

Key Takeaway Office building grade B and C are in high demand, but the supplies remain low Average quoting rent for grad B and C is ranging from $12 to $22 per sqm The supply of office spac

Why Dangkoa should be your investment destination? Admin 07/June/2022 06:29

Strategically located in southern part of Phnom Penh, Dangkoa is considering a new attraction in the suburbs and where opportunity exists for high capital gain. The district has witnessed a raid growt

Southern Phnom Penh sees Potential for High Reward Admin 03/June/2022 04:11

The southern part of Phnom Penh, from the 60-metre street to the under-construction of $1.5 billion new Phnom Penh international airport, is strategically considered to be potential for future high pa

Transaction for affordable housing remains “strong” Admin 01/June/2022 08:05

Affordable housing market boost its strong demand from local buyers, with price up to $50K surprisingly shows impressive transactions, in contrast to the price of residential above $200,000 which pres

Demand for rental property makes a comeback Admin 01/June/2022 03:18

Real estate market gradually bounced back after the rise in demand for commercial and residential property, the returning of foreign tourists and investors, and the country's decision to remove the co

Real estate attracts the largest FDI Admin 30/May/2022 09:28

“Real estate and construction sectors continued to play a significant role in the Cambodia economic development 一 the sector has helped to sustain our economic growth.”  The real estate sector

Members of Century 21 Cambodia Took 3 Awards Home This Year Admin 30/May/2022 08:27

Two member companies of Century 21 Cambodia obtained 3 awards from the Cambodia Real Estate Award this year. Century 21 Advanced Property alone won 2 awards, one for Real Estate Agency of The Year

Weekly Real Estate Tour to Kampot-Kep for free Admin 30/May/2022 03:12

Along with its scenic and serene beauty, Kampot is where you may find peacefulness and a relaxed setting over the past few years. Once called “A Sleepy Town”, Kampot has steadily come to be one of the