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Retailtainment and the growth of experience in Cambodia’s real estate Admin 23/December/2022 05:26

Key takeaways: The pandemic has accelerated the desire for an in-door shopping experience Retailtainment provides enticing experiences beyond the traditional shopping experience Millennials

Dissemination Workshop on the Illegality of PONZI Scheme and the Launching of ONETIME – Online Financial Education Program Admin 21/December/2022 08:35

Z1 FINANCIAL has announced its collaboration with the Security and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia to organize a dissemination workshop on the illegality of the Ponzi Scheme. At the same time, ONETIME

Southeast Asia’s digital economy is ballooning to hit $200billion this year Torng Rotanak 16/December/2022 07:16

Key Points  the digital economy is defined as a broad range of economic activities that use digitized information and knowledge as key factors of production Online spending in the region will

GGear group to become main supplier of LG electronic for Forest Harmony Admin 13/December/2022 10:01

Luxury residential villas, Forest Harmony has teamed up with GGear for a business strategic partnership to supply LG electronics for the project.  On December 12th,2022, Forest Harmony and GGear gr

Real Estate Cycle: why does it matter most for property investors? Admin 08/December/2022 11:54

Key Takeaway Understanding the four phases of the real estate cycle The golden time to buy a property is during the first phase, then sell in the second phase. The 3rd and 4th phases should be

Tourism is on the recovery path, 2mln tourists for Siem Reap attraction target nears Admin 07/December/2022 09:24

Key Takeaway Approximately 2.2 million travelers expected to visit Siem Reap 7% of foreign tourists visited during 10 months this year, relatively low compared to the pre-pandemic  20 perce

Real Estate Appraisal is going to digital Admin 05/December/2022 04:14 Technology has become an integral part of the property valuation service which also plays a significant role in the real estate market. The accelerated adoption of tech

State-of-art REAP to boost property transaction Admin 16/November/2022 08:06

Real Estate Agency Platform (REAP), a digital platform seeking to assist real estate agents in managing and optimizing real estate transactions, is here to transform and boost the real estate market i

ERA Cambodia: our members’ success is our success Admin 12/November/2022 12:04

Key takeaways  ERA Cambodia currently has 1 700 agents and aims to reach 5 000 agents in the next three years More than 30 high-quality condo projects worth billions of dollars are being partn

Z1 FINANCIAL launches ICO public sales. What is ICO? Admin 25/October/2022 10:34

When it comes to raising funds for an investment, there are many ways out there to get it. The source could be your friends and family, applying for loans, and issuing stock. In the new digital age, m