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Increase your income in Cambodia’s real estate. 4 ways you should know Bunthoeun 27/April/2022 09:41

Every investor in the world invests in real estate, believing that investing in real estate will lead them to financial freedom and wealth gains. Real estate is an investment approach which guarant

Century 21 sit on the top list as global real estate brand, two years in a row Bunthoeun 26/April/2022 09:11

US-based Century 21 Real Estate LLC has maintained its position as the world's leading real estate brand for two consecutive years, ranked by Entrepreneur. The global real estate brand was ranked s


RENT KH is an easy-to-use platform with a handy smart search tool that helps you navigate through the endless listings of available properties across Cambodia. We develop a platform where you can f

Cambodia hailed as emerging real estate market, investor says Bunthoeun 27/March/2022 08:57

[caption id="attachment_442" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Khim Sok Heng (centre) on his business trip to the United States [/caption] Cambodia’s real estate market has shown its enormous potenti

Local businesspeople expanding network in the United States Bunthoeun 20/March/2022 09:54

A group of Cambodian delegates led by Z1 Financial - a digital asset management and investment service company – has organized its business trip to the United States, seeking investors to invest in re

Strategic partnership striving Cambodia’s real estate market forwards Bunthoeun 21/February/2022 09:55

KEY TAKEAWAYS Strategic partnership that pushes the inflow of mutual real estate investments between Cambodia and EU-member states Portugal’s property purchasing allows foreign buyers to se

From manual to automated property valuation, how paradigm shift matters to real estate and financial sectors? Bunthoeun 08/February/2022 11:24

KEY TAKEAWAYS Property appraisal used to be done manually. Digital technology is now disrupting how it works; it assures a timely manner, convenience, transparency, and accuracy.   Obtaining a

Cambodia’s first homegrown firm to get foothold in global real estate market Bunthoeun 28/January/2022 11:09

ZPLAT INTERNATIONAL has announced an ambitious plan for its business expansion, bringing the first Cambodian company to tap into the global real estate market. A soon-to-be-launched ZPLAT INTERNATI

Cambodia real estate transaction to go digitally Bunthoeun 26/January/2022 04:08

VTrust Appraisal Co, Ltd has reached an agreement by integrating its digital-based real estate valuation platform with Zillion United, in a move to boost digital property transactions in Cambodia.

Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of the ACELEDA Bank Admin 19/January/2022 08:15

The management and team members of Platform Indication Plus (VTrust Appraisal Co.,Ltd ) would like to extend our sincerest appreciation and warmest congratulations to the ACELEDA Bank on its 30th anni