Teaming up to help young adult Cambodians for future growth in hospitality industry

Admin 14/July/2022 12:01

Yani Hotel, managed by Chesterton Cambodia, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Spoons Cambodia Organization to allow the opportunity for youth in Siem Reap, as well as to help push the growth of the hospitality industry by permitting a place and tools for the students to direct practice and learn.

On July 14th, 2022, in Siem Reap City, Yani Hotel and Spoons Cambodia Organization signed the MOU by Sam Chanthou, Chief Executive Officer of Chestertons Cambodia, and Mrs.Mao Sophanny, representative of Spoons Cambodia Organization.

From left to right Ms. Sam Chanthou, CEO of Chestertons Cambodia, Mrs. Mao Sophany, Representative of Spoon Cambodia Organization.

Chief Executive Officer of Chestertons Cambodia, Ms. Sam Chanthou, stated that this MOU opens the door for the students of Spoons Cambodia Organization the opportunity to train and learn from direct practice at Yani Hotel. Also, the students at the organization will have the chance to work with other partnered companies of Chestertons Cambodia in the near future.

“This is an essential step in contributing to the development of the hospitality industry and Cambodia’s economy through education, allowing young adult Cambodians the opportunity to acquire such potential skill for their future,” Ms. Sam Chamthou has said.

“I believe that through pinching in the education, it will help to boost the growth of this industry, while the number of both local and international tourism is expected to grow even bigger shortly,” she added.

A three-star hotel, Yani provides accommodation services for both local and international tourism in Cambodia’s popular tourist destination, Siem Reap, which is home to the world heritage, Angkor Wat.

Yani Hotel is managed by Chesterton Cambodia. The brand is originally based in the United Kingdom and brought to Cambodia under the name Chesterton Cambodia, a renowned real estate management company in the country providing world’s class property management services, ranging from residential properties, building to commercial properties management.

Representative of Spoon Cambodia Organization, Mrs. Mao Sophanny, stated that this MoU plays an essential part in the education of the hospitality industry, which allows the opportunities and tools for students of Spoons Cambodia to direct practice – a great challenge the organization is facing now. She went on to state that this is incredibly meaningful to receive a helping hand during this tough time.

“Yani Hotel poses as an example for other private sectors to take their part in contributing to society, and I believe the students will benefit from this great collaboration through having a place and tools to direct practice what they learn from Spoons Cambodia Organization,” Mrs. Sophanny has said.

“This will also open them to better and greater job opportunity and a workplace that value them,’’ she added.

Up until recently, according to her, the organization has admitted about 400 students of which 60% of the graduated students are females who successfully get a job in hospitality.

Tourism sector is gradually bouncing back after it hit hard by the pandemic. The sector was one of the Kingdom’s economic driver, generating nearly $5 billion gross revenue from international tourist arrivals backed to 2019. The country welcomed 500 000 international tourists during the six months in 2022, and the figure is slated to rise at 2 million of international tourist visitors by 2023, according to Tourism Ministry’s latest figure. The ministry has projected that the sector will be on its feet not later than 2026.

This could be translated into a good opportunity for young adults Cambodians who are embracing hospitality skills, specifically with the collaboration between Chestertons Cambodia and Spoon Cambodia Organization to help strengthen their capacity in respond to the market demand in the up-coming years.


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