Demand for rental property makes a comeback

Admin 01/June/2022 03:18

Real estate market gradually bounced back after the rise in demand for commercial and residential property, the returning of foreign tourists and investors, and the country’s decision to remove the covid-19 travel restrictions.

Sim Samedi, Sale Manager at RENT KH said that the demand for rental property has seen gradually bounced back, as everything gradually returning to normal. This has given the real estate market a promising future.

“The economic activities and the inflows of FDI are encouraging the real estate’s high demand.’’ He added.

Approximately, 90% of the demand for condos and apartments in Cambodia were occupied by foreigners. According to Samedi, this number has altered, as more local buyers shifted their interest to condominium and apartment sectors due to various factors involved.

Renting expert company, RENT KH provides a variety of real estate renting services including – condo, apartment, office, meeting room, and room available on RENT KH website or Mobile App.

According to CBRE’s latest report; average quoting rental rate for condo – as of Q4 2021 – is ranging from $8 to $15 per sqm per month, depending on type of condo (affordable, mid-range, and high-end.) Average quoting rental rate for Apartment, on the other hand, is ranging from $14 to $21 per sqm per month.


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