Female K-Celebrities Who Invested Millions in Real Estate Properties

Admin 10/February/2023 03:17

From their remarkable talent to their impeccable sense of business, these 8 female Korean stars have taken the real estate world by storm with their millions of dollars worth of investments. From IU to Kim Tae-Hee, these women have proven that they are not just stunning on-screen but also astute investors in the property market.

1/ IU

IU took the internet by storm just a few weeks ago with the official announcement of her relationship with a long-term friend and top K-actor, Lee Jong-Suk. Aside from her well-congratulated relationship and an immensely successful career, IU was known to have invested about $2 million in a building she bought in 2018. The area later developed into a railway (Metropolitan Express Train) which brought $2 million in profit. However, this is not the only property the famous star owns. She also has a second house located in the glitzy area of the Gangnam district, which was reported to be valued at around $10M.

2/ Song Hye-Kyo 

Song Hye-Kyo recently returned to the screen with Netflix Series, The Glory, which garnered massive success– proving yet again the actress’s skills and popularity remain strong despite her time in the industry. Along with talents and wealth, the actress is also known to be a real estate mogul. In 2021, she purchased a house worth around $15 million in Hannam-dong as a long-term investment for her mother’s retirement. The actress also owns another house valued at $18 million.

3/ Bae Suzy

When talking about the face of a global brand like Lancome and Dior, it’s no other than Bae Suzy. In addition to her successful singing and acting career, Suzy has been an ambassador for various brands, both local and international brands. In 2016, Suzy bought a $3 million luxurious apartment in Samseong-dong, Gangnam district. 

4/ Son Ye-Jin 

During the 18th episode of Mnet’s TV program,  Mnet TMI News– it was revealed that the actress owns a commercial building in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam, which she bought for $12 million. In 2018, Son Ye-Jin sold one of her properties for about $10 million and earned $3 million in profits. 

 5/ Kim Yoona, Girl Generation 

Yoona has been active in her acting career in recent years, with her recent appearance in “ Big Mouth.’’The drama gathered a lot of attention, which led Yoona to receive even more projects. Yoona purchased a building for $9 million in 2018 in the luxurious neighborhood of Gangnam.

6/ Yuri, Girl Generation 

Another member of the Girl Generation, Yuri, is also well-known for her wealth in real estate. Yuri bought a five-story building in the Gangnam district for $11 million in 2020. But it is not the first property Yuri invested in, though. In 2012, Yuri purchased a luxury villa in the Chungdam area of Seoul for $1.3M.  

7/ Jun Ji-Hyun

When it comes to female celebrities investing their wealth in real estate, we can’t include Jun Ji-Hyun, which refers to as the ‘Real Estate Queen.” Jun Ji-Hyun has invested around 70 million in real estate, including her purchase of a commercial building. She leases the building to Samsung for about 760 million won a month. In addition to her commercial building, Jun Ji-Hyun has other properties in popular spots in Seoul, such as Yongsan-dong and Samseong-dong. In 2022, she sold one of her long-term investment properties for $18 million, for which she made roughly $11 million in profits.

8/ Kim Tae-Hee

Kim Tae-Hee and her husband, Rain, were named the wealthiest couple in the real estate world by Entertainment Weekly Live. In 2021, Kim Tae-Hee made a generous  $6 million from the five-story building she bought back in 2014. And as reported by Newsen, Kim Tae-Hee purchased a house in California for about $2 million in 2019.


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