Cambodia real estate transaction to go digitally

Bunthoeun 26/January/2022 04:08

VTrust Appraisal Co, Ltd has reached an agreement by integrating its digital-based real estate valuation platform with Zillion United, in a move to boost digital property transactions in Cambodia.

The companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) early this week at when they both had agreed to integrate Indication Plus Platform – a digital property valuation developed by VTrust Appraisal Co, Ltd – as a platform allowing to evaluate all types of properties across the country before placing transaction on Zillion United platform.

The MoU was signed by Mr. Vong Sokal, Chairman of VTrust Appraisal Co, Ltd, and Oknha Kang Sothy, Chairman of Zillion United Co, Ltd.

Deal signed between the two firms is hoped to boost property valuation services and real estate transactions in the Kingdom while bringing more advanced and trustworthy to all users.

Indication Plus is a digital property valuation platform. It is automatically analyzed and issued a summary form of a comprehensive real estate appraisal report from a reliable online system, calculated by experts, and complies with the international professional standards.

This is the first digital real estate appraisal platform in Cambodia, allowing all users to access and submit reports anytime — easily, quickly, securely, and transparent — while users are able to obtain property prices anywhere in the country. This is a foundation on which users can make a proper decision before buying property.


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