Effective approaches to get more listings and closing deals

Admin 13/June/2022 05:05

Professional real estate agents always have different methods and techniques to build confidence for property owners and investors in a competitive market. Among key approaches, setting the right property price based on market value is an essential factor in gaining property owners and buyers more confidence.

Z1News International has asked Regional Managers at Century 21 Zillion Holding – buying, selling and leasing on land property across Cambodia – stating that they are applying two key approaches to increase customer confidence when it comes to pricing.

The two main approaches include accurate self-valuation analysis through research and calculation based on clear standard formulas and real estate appraisal platforms like Indication Plus – a digital-based property valuation platform owned by VTrust Appraisal.

From left to right: Mrs. Rany, Ms Sunly, Mrs Kanika, and Mr. Oem Senghou

Mrs. Man Kanika, Regional Manager at Century 21 Zillion Holding based in Dangkor district, who achieved a series of sales during the Covid 19, explained that she regularly does research and consults with property owners by comparing the market price, CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and show the price on Indication Plus Platform – one the most reliable online property valuation service in Cambodia.

“When we present CMA approach, some customers accepted and some did not,” she said, explaining that she is currently using a new evaluation program – Indication Plus Platform which helps to increase customer confidence. “When we present property which we exclusively listing with price issued by Indication Plus Platform, our client seems to be happier and more confident.”

This special tip is also being applied among other professional real estate agents, which everyone proves to be a method that both owners and investors agree on and accept.

Ms. Sun Hong Meyly, Regional Manager at Century 21 Zillion Holding based in Prek Phnov district, said that the implementation of both methods is gaining confidence and easy to negotiate with property owners, adding that because there is a basis for the right price in the current market.

She went on to state that, “we have the documents that are the basis of a proper real estate appraisal, so the client trusts us and some of the clients even rely on us to help appraise their property,” highlighting that having a standard appraisal makes it easier for the customers to get a loan from a financial institution.

Indication Plus Platform is a digital real estate appraisal service that can automatically analyze and publish concise and complete real estate appraisal reports, as well as systematically formulated by experts and international real estate appraisal standards. This platform is developed by Vtrust Appraisal, one of the leading real estate appraisers in Cambodia.

Mr. Oem Senghou, Regional Manager at Century 21 Zillion Holding based in Sihanoukville and Mrs. Yin Rany, Regional Manager at Century 21 Zillion Holding based in Por Senchey shared a similar sentiment, saying that the platform is being streamlined tasks while boosting confidence.

“When an appraisal is confirmed by an independent appraiser, it gives the client (both seller and buyer) confidence, and this is an important factor, which helps customers to make quick and accurate decisions, Mrs. Rany has said.



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