Z1 FINANCIAL to organize key to financial prosperity workshop in South Korea

Admin 17/January/2023 08:12

Z1 FINANCIAL organize another workshop after receiving numerous support for the first workshop in November 2022.

Due to the numerous support for the first event on November 2022, Z1 FINANCIAL is set to organize another workshop, which concentrates on “The key to financial prosperity.” The event will take place in two metropolitan cities of South Korea: Ulsan and Suwon on the 21st and 23rd of January,2023 respectively. Motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Mr. Khim Sok Heng to be the guest speaker along with Mr. Say Sokheng Chairman and CEO of Z1 FINANCIAL.  

The speakers will cover important subjects, particularly the keys to successful personal financial management, investment advice, strategy, and risk minimization. In addition to choosing actions that lead to satisfaction and decision-making to achieve personal goals.  

Say Sokheng, Chairman and CEO of Z1 FINANCIAL, has said that skills and knowledge are essential in our career and day-to-day life.

“ Due to these reasons, Z1 FINANCIAL decided to host this second workshop to provide insightful financial knowledge and self-development, risk management, investment decision, and basic understandings to be better equipped before making an investment decision.” Said Sokheng, Chairman and CEO of Z1 FINANCIAL. 

Chairman and CEO’s Z1 FINANCIAL Mr. Say Sokheng was speaking during the first workshop organized in South Korea.

In addition, the attendees will get to learn about and explore the value of financial institutes, self-development, investment management, and making the right financial decision through saving and investing money. Additionally, guest speakers will be sharing their investment experience, failure, and how to spot scammers.

A figure from Labour Ministry was quoted by the Phnom Penh Post showed that there were about 46,000 Cambodians, 23 percent of them are women, working in South Korea as of August 2022. They are working in three main industries, including industrial, agriculture, and construction. These workers are estimated to send a whopping $500 million per year in remittances.

Z1 FINANCIAL saw this as an opportunity to share financial education and provide investment strategies to help Cambodians in South Korea manage their money effectively and earn more income through investment. 

The company organized its first workshop in South Korea last year November sharing the benefit of the financial education online course — ONETIME with about 400 participants. Last year December, Z1 FINANCIAL also collaborated with the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia organized a dissemination workshop covering a matter of fraudulent schemes and announced the official launch of ONETIME.

Z1 FINANCIAL is the first company in Southeast Asia that has developed a digital investment platform utilizing Blockchain to bring the tokenization concept to real estate investment. The company designed ONETIME, an online financial education program covering three courses including Personal Finance, Investment Foundation, and Personal Development to help people make wiser financial and investment decisions. The course would take as long as 30 days, and participants will enjoy considerable benefits upon they complete the course. One of which, a special gift that is amounted to $100 will be rewarded to all members so that they can experience investment on Z1 FINANCIAL’s platform. 


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