Landed property is burgeoning in Russey Keo

Admin 06/July/2022 09:42

Resides between Chrouy Chongva and Sen Sok district, Russey Keo has seen notable popularity for housing investment, as big projects are happening and demand for housing rises.

Ms. So Kundoeun, Regional Manager of Century 21 Zillion Holding based in Russey Keo district, said that six housing projects are currently happening: Borey Chipmong 598, Borey Phnom Penh, Angkor Phnom Penh, Borey Phnom Penh Thmey, Borey Rithy, and Borey Peng Hout.

Aside from housing projects, there’s also a rise in commercial real estate, notably, The Parkway and Sky Tree condominiums. And community malls such as Bigtree Community Mall, ChipMong Mall 598, Domries Park 598, Aeon Maxvalue, and Lucky Express.

“The acceleration of housing and commercial real estate investment in Russey Keo has made this district more active,’’ she said, “This, in turn, will help the business in this area to become more attractive and generate more transactions.’’

Russey Keo resides between the two popular districts, Chroy Chong Va and Sen Sok, which are known for having huge housing and commercial projects.

As reported by Z1 Data Co., Ltd, a total of 186 309 units of landed proerty in Phnom Penh as of 2020, and Russey Keo district holds 9% of the total supply.

Z1 Data Co., Ltd is the first Cambodian home-grown company use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data in the real estate industry. Its report obtained by Z1News International also revealed that up until 2020, Russey Keo has about 17 279 units of housing supply—98% of the whole supply sold out successfully.

This number indicates the high potential of the Russey Keo district as demand rises and projects sold out almost 100% of the available quantity.

Condominium projects have been rising in this district as well. About 25 projects with a total of 4219 units, of which 1739 units accounted for 40%, have been sold so far.

English text by: Sreyneth


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