NFT Marketplaces, a Stepping Stone for Cambodia Real Estate Market

Admin 26/July/2022 09:53

Non Fungible Token (NFT) has been gaining its popularity for these past few years, generating millions of dollars, and there is no sign the platform going to lose its popularity anytime soon, as more people are becoming interested in the importance of this new platform.

What is NFT? What makes this new technology so popular and how it generates thousands of dollars?

In a nutshell, NFT is a digital asset utilizing Blockchain technology, which allows creator to protect and monetize their original work and digital items such as property, music, arts, gaming, photography, and more.

In this part we are going to explore the revolutionary NFT and how will it greatly impact on the future of Cambodia’s real estate market.

Traditionally, real estate requires a huge sum of money to invest; and the lack of creativity slow down the growth of this market. However, through digital investment utilizing Blockchain technology, particularly NFT, allows developer to tokenize the fraction of ownership, making it easier for investor with limited budget to invest. This is an evolutionary for the real estate market in Cambodia.

Tokenized Ownership

Additionally, to being an investment platform, NFT has the potential to be a platform gathering NFT. Meaning that the owner can place their real estate property as NFT, so when those who buy NFT will automatically become the owner of the fractions of that asset.

The tokenization of asset is known to be the prime function of NFT. Thus, both buyer and seller will benefit from NFT, once the price of that asset rise.

The Emerging of NFT Marketplaces in Cambodia Market

Z1 FINANCIAL is the first company in Southeast Asia that has developed a digital investment platform using Blockchain technology to bring the tokenization concept to real estate investment. The company is planning to introduce NFT marketplace soon which will not only offer just unique art, music, and other collectibles, but also offer NFT real estates that are backed by real properties. Investor can either become the sole owner of the asset, or partly own the asset by purchasing a fraction of it.   ​

How to get the NFT?

NFT real estate can be bought and sold using the digital investment unit called Zillion Trust Unit (ZTU). ZTU token holders are able to buy NFT properties on Z1 FINANCIAL platform.


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