60% says now it is good time to invest Cambodia’s real estate, AmCham survey finds

Admin 06/August/2022 11:04

The popularity of the real estate sector rebound as covid-19 situation is under control; and the survey from the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham Cambodia) showed that about 60% of the respondents say now is a good time to invest in real estate, and land stands out as an area with the most investment.

A recent Real Estate and Construction Survey conducted by Amcham Cambodia, with 62 per cent of the respondents say now is the best time to buy real estate in Cambodia. They believe that the price will rise within the next 12 months, along with the coming back to normality after covid-19 situation.

Anthony Galliano, president of AmCham Cambodia, was speaking during the survey presentation on 29 July, 2022.

Amcham Cambodia is an independent non-profit membership organization that supports the growth and success of both American and Cambodia Companies to connect with American Commerce. Currently Amcham has over 200 members across all sectors in the country.

Among the 517 respondents, about 20% were American nationality, 30% were Cambodian; and about 46% from other nationalities who represent the government officials, private sector such banking and financial institution, legal and compliance, real estate, construction, as well as property management companies.

Land is the preferred investment with about 40 percent has shown their intention in the survey. About 24% chose residential as an investment, while the other 20% and 6% chose condo and commercial real estate, respectively. On top of that, Phnom Penh remains as the most popular destination for real estate investment.

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