Sen Sok District sets to be a residential hotspot in Phnom Penh

Admin 23/May/2022 09:53

Residential property supply in Sen Sok District is growing rapidly, accounts for over 20 per cent of the total stock in Phnom Penh by the end of 2021 – making this district a major residential sector.

According to Knight Frank report, residential housing located in Sen Sok stood at 16,000 units by 2021, representing 22 per cent of the total supplies and followed by Dangkoa district – southern Phnom Penh – shares 16 per cent.

The increase in demand and supply of residential housing has given this area a more energetic and optimistic outlook, which is a good signal for investors and property owners as price and value is slated to rise over time.

There are 6 communes in Sen Sok District namely, Phnom Penh Thmei, Tuek Tla, Khmuonh, Krang Thnong, Ou baek k’am, and Kouk Khleang. All of these communes are in high demand due to the rapid growth of all types of real estate property supply in this part of the city.

Land price data of Century 21 Zillion Holding’s Sen Sok branch obtained by Z1News International, showed that the average price of land in Sen Sok District ranges between $150 to $4,000 per sqm depending on the location.

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