Shophouse segment sees positive move in the market

Admin 04/May/2022 03:50

Shophouse has seen a positive move amid more business resumptions and economic activities have gradually bounced back. This has driven shophouse to be back on its tracks whereas other residential types remain sluggish.

The price of a Shophouse – in Phnom Penh during the first quarter of 2022 –  ranges between $10,000 to $450,000 per unit, an average of $25,000 per unit. This indicates 4 % increases in price as investors continue to see promising potential, according to a latest study by CBRE Cambodia.

The same report also mentioned that while prices and sale of shophouses are surging, link-house and villas prices dropped to – 0.2% to -2% by 2022.

Shophouse sales boosts the potential to increase in comparison to other types of residential real estates, for it provides multi-purpose for investors to generate money, industry insiders have said, explaining that shophouses encompass a joint of both living aspects of commercial and residential under one building. As a result, investors are confident that it will be a good payoff.

English text by: Kem Sreyneth

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