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Pursat province’s Veal Veng district positioned for economic expansion with new town plan Bunthoeun 10/March/2023 08:58

Key Takeaways:  Two potential areas in Veal Veng, which currently identified by the provincial administration, are set to become urban development  The announcement comes as the Cambodian and

Pricing and Interest Rate Fluctuations Creating Challenges and Opportunities for Real Estate Investors in Asia Pacific Bunthoeun 10/March/2023 07:23

Key Takeaways:  Pricing and interest rate uncertainties will influence capital deployment into Asia Pacific commercial real estate Transaction volumes in Asia Pacific commercial real estate is

Cambodia’s $4 billion high-speed rail floated Bunthoeun 26/January/2023 02:14

Key Takeaways High-speed rail links capital with Thai border estimated to cost $4billion The project study carried out by CRBC, the Chinese firm behind the $2-billion-worth Phnom Penh-Sihanou

Why Dangkoa should be your investment destination? Admin 07/June/2022 06:29

Strategically located in southern part of Phnom Penh, Dangkoa is considering a new attraction in the suburbs and where opportunity exists for high capital gain. The district has witnessed a raid growt