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Pursat province’s Veal Veng district positioned for economic expansion with new town plan Bunthoeun 10/March/2023 08:58

Key Takeaways:  Two potential areas in Veal Veng, which currently identified by the provincial administration, are set to become urban development  The announcement comes as the Cambodian and

Tourism is on the recovery path, 2mln tourists for Siem Reap attraction target nears Admin 07/December/2022 09:24

Key Takeaway Approximately 2.2 million travelers expected to visit Siem Reap 7% of foreign tourists visited during 10 months this year, relatively low compared to the pre-pandemic  20 perce

Kampot to see as the most magnet for vacation home developments, expert says Bunthoeun 13/May/2021 07:02

Kampot is expected to become the top-tier destination for developers and investors seeking investment in vacation home among four other major tourist hotspots in Cambodia while demand of second-home f