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Admin 02/May/2022 06:28

Whether in daily life or business, there are many problems that require high creativity in finding effective solutions to solve the problems and make the right decisions.

Problem-solving and decision-making are the soft skills that real estate professionals should maintain. The two skills are interrelated because without the right decision making, problem will not be solved successfully. This is according to human resource development expert – Dr. Trevor Suter. He is a Director Organization Development at Zillennium Co., Ltd (Z1 Group) – one of the leading real estate marketplaces in Cambodia. Speaking at Z1News weekly show –  a weekly basis program where expert and business insiders in the Cambodia’s real estate industry share their insight and perspectives – Dr. Trevor has out outlined some key steps in order to solve problem and make decision more effectively:

1-  Identifying the root cause of the problem:

Before reaching a solution to solve a problem, we must first know root cause or factors that cause the problem to happen. Understanding a problem can also help us see the impact that one problem can have on another. Prominent real estate agents are individuals who are aware of their clients’ problems and provide them with creative solutions.

2-  Exploring the solutions:

Mind Mapping and Brainstorming are all the strategies to use when exploring the solutions. Practically, you can write a problem on the top of the page and think no limit of 20 different solutions that come to your mind and decide on the most effective solution.

3-  Evaluation:

Evaluating a solution allows us to see the level of effectiveness of that solution, its shortcomings, and what needs to be fixed. Establishing such a habit enables us to make better decisions and to come up with better solutions. 

4-  Building relationship:

Having good relationships with clients as well as the team is extremely significant for real estate agents. They can trust that agent and willing to tell their problems which will make it easier for the agency to understand the actual purpose of the client and be able to provide better solutions. 

5-  Team work:

Finding a solution to a problem is definitely difficult that can lead to wrong decision making. Contrastingly, working in a team and having a good relationship can create better ideas. If an individual could find 20 solutions plus with the other 20 from the team, more solutions could be seen. Doing the evaluation of more solutions help us to finalize the best one.


Author: Seng Chanty  



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