Firm builds business partnership for international expansion

Bunthoeun 29/June/2022 08:46

Z1 FINANCIAL has extended its business growth potential to international market through collaboration with major companies around the globe.

Z1 FINANCIAL is the first company in Southeast Asia which has developed digital investment platform backed by Blockchain – decentralized and a digital ledger known for its security. The platform will enable investors to invest in real estate more readily accessible.

From 9-13 June, Z1 FINANCIAL’s management team had organized its business trip to Thailand, where the company was honored and met these potential companies: MFC Asset Management PLC, All Inspire Development and G.YU Creative – to name a few. These companies engaged in business of fund management, property developer and international event organizer – respectively.  They discussed digital investment platform, opportunities, exchanged insight and sought for future collaboration.

The company believed that this business trip will bear fruitful, business partnership enhancement, and make the company’s investment platform more known to investors.

Business partnership expansion is not just for the region in which Z1 Financial has held thus far. In the past few months, the company also organized its business trip to the United States, United Kingdom and attended 2022 EO APAC Presidents’ Meeting in Singapore. These trips enabled Z1 FINANCIAL to expand its network and enhance the reputation of its company in countries like Thailand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United State which are known as centers for big investment companies in both Asia and all over the globe.

Z1 FINANCIAL is established under Singaporean jurisdiction in June, 2021. The company is acting as an intermediary between foreign investors and project financing. With its Blockchain-based investment platform, investors enable to purchase tokens with proprietary rights for the projects being carried out in Cambodia owned by ZILLENNIUM GROUP –  a legal entity registered in Cambodia.

ZILLENNIUM GROUP is a real estate ecosystem providing integrated solutions and related services, having a young energetic team with over 90-years of cumulative experiences. The GROUP owned over 30 subsidiaries, and Z1 FINANCIAL is part of its business.

“Z1 FINANCIAL ecosystem brings investors new opportunities to access cross-border investments and enjoy higher liquidity within secondary markets”

Why should you invest in Z1 FINANCIAL’s Real Estate Platform?

ZILLENNIUM GROUP has invested in many projects including land property, residential projects, and condos. With these projects, investor has the potential to become the owner of these properties by buying its ZTU Token, a new financial product that could be distributed to a wider pool of investors at a lower cost per unit.  Once the transaction of these properties to be made, ZTU holders will gain their shares of profits based on the ZTU token they hold.

Current major project portfolios

  • Harmony Valley is s the Western-designed luxurious holiday villa project being developed in Kampot province. The project is worth more than $100 million, and it is being developed on 100 hectares of land.
  • Mondol Doung Chet is an eco-resort and villa project in Mondulkiri, with a total investment of $30 million constructed on 15 hectares of land.
  • Highline Condo is a 38-floors condo residing in Phnom Penh of which constructed on a 1200 square metre of land.


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