Local businesspeople expanding network in the United States

Bunthoeun 20/March/2022 09:54

A group of Cambodian delegates led by Z1 Financial – a digital asset management and investment service company – has organized its business trip to the United States, seeking investors to invest in real estate and other potential investments in the Kingdom. The trip will also enable the company to expand its business network in the United States.

Attracting and encouraging foreign investments by the private sector is an important join force and in line with Cambodia’s government policy, particularly the new investment law that aims to boost foreign investment to drive economic growth. 

During the business trip, there will be a sharing session on the investment opportunities in Cambodia to the participants. The sharing session will take place at Harrah’s hotel in Las Vegas, the United States of America, from 22 to 23 March 2022. The sharing session will continue to Long Beach, from 26 to 27 March 2022.

Founded in June 2021 in Singapore, Z1 Financial is an international company that exists to enable investors access to different investment portfolios in the growing real estate markets in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. The company provides digital asset management and investment services to investors and clients through its investment platform to assist them in managing their investment, access to funding, and maximizing their profit yields.  

The company’s business trip is made after the firm has entered into an agreement with Canada-based Mercan Group, aiming to boost mutual investments in Cambodia with EU member states and United States. 

Mercan Group consists of 40 projects are investing in the United States, and 15 projects are elsewhere in Portugal. Under the investor immigrants category, Mercan Group has raised over $1.5 billion in foreign investment capital for various Canada, USA, and Portugal projects. (read more) 



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