Cambodia’s first homegrown firm to get foothold in global real estate market

Torng Rotanak 28/January/2022 11:09

ZPLAT INTERNATIONAL has announced an ambitious plan for its business expansion, bringing the first Cambodian company to tap into the global real estate market.

A soon-to-be-launched ZPLAT INTERNATIONAL is part of Zillennium Co., Ltd. (Z1 Group), a local conglomerate company serving beyond the real estate marketplace in the Kingdom. ZPLAT INTERNATIONAL is aiming to be a new innovative solution in real estate where clients and stakeholders across the world will experience its product and state-of-art service technology.

An expansion plan for the company is the right time to capture a large market share, as the global real estate market has been resilient and seen exponential growth in recent years; although the pandemic remains in place.

According to a recent report by UK-based JLL has shown that the global real estate investment hit its highest ever, a whopping $757billion during a nine-month period in 2021. It was a four-percent hike, compared to the previous record set in 2019.

That’s being said, investment volume in the global real estate sector has breached the pre-pandemic levels as economic conditions stabilize and investors realign their strategies.

Transaction growth in the real estate sector is ideally meant to industry players like ZPLAT INTERNATIONAL, identifying new innovative solutions and opportunities to respond to the current market demands and beyond.

ZPLAT INTERNATIONAL is currently inviting inspired young people who are talented, keen to learn, and who wish to contribute to being a part of the company’s global adventure project.

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